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PPE Salons

In the early 18th century, the French salon was a key institution in which intellectually curious people from across social strata congregated to engage in lively discourse. PPE Salons are one-off discussion-based events, led by a PPE expert and centered around an important PPE-related topic, paired with relevant readings.

Our hope is that these one-off discussions will provide a diverse, energetic intellectual community interested in how PPE can provide a dynamic look into topics and questions that affect us all.

Browse below for synopses of PPE Salons we’ve held so far. If you are interested in joining these in the future, be sure you’re subscribed to our Mailing List and keep your eye on our Events Calendar for future opportunities to join!×-350-px-2-wpv_x.png×-350-px-wpv_x.png×-350-px-wpv_x.png