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PPE Speaker Series

The PPE Speaker Series is a series of talks featuring prominent experts in social and political thought grappling with the implications of living and thinking through these extraordinary times within a wide range of topics.

It is our hope that these public lectures will provide a means to promote intellectual discourse and interdisciplinary interest across campus and throughout the academic community.

If you’d like to suggest a PPE speaker for this series, please fill out our event form HERE.

“Don’t Block the Exits” with Brandon Warmke
“AUKUS and Shared Defense Technology” with Admiral Dennis Blair
“Values, Ventilators, and Vaccines: Lessons from the Pandemic” with Professor Julian Savulescu
“Upside Down: Reflections on Conspiracy Theories” with Dan Ariely
“Texas’s Successful Effort to Circumvent Roe v. Wade” with Andy Hessick