At UNC, the PPE Program requires five core courses for the minor, consisting of the Gateway course, one course from the table below in each of the core disciplines, and the Capstone seminar:

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics: Gateway Course (Phil, Poli, Econ 384)

The Gateway course provides an introduction to the quantitative techniques, conceptual tools, and core principles of philosophy, political science, and economics. The course clarifies the similarities and differences between the philosophical, political, and economic approaches, and the limitations of each if considered individually. This enhances the understanding of each discipline, its conclusions, and the ways the disciplines can enrich and complement each other.

*Courses in bolded Carolina Blue are currently  being offered in Fall 2020.*


Philosophy  Politics Economics
Virtue, Value, and Happiness (160)


Intro to Comparative Politics (130)


Introduction to Economics (101)


Practical Ethics: Moral Reasoning and How We Live (163) Classical Political Thought (270) Survey of the History of Economic Thought (234)
Morality and Business (164) Modern Political Thought (271) Comparative Economic Systems (267)
Bioethics (165) Strategy and Politics (288) History of Economic Doctrines (434)
Liberty, Rights, and Responsibilities (170) Honors Seminar on Domestic and International Affairs (PLCY 352H) Economics of Population (454)


The Ethics of Peace, War, and Defense (272) Elements of Politics (HNRS 354) International Economics (460)
Justice, Rights, and the Common Good: Philosophical Perspectives on Social and Economic Issues (273) Political Economy I: The Domestic System (401)


Advanced Microeconomic Theory (510)


Morality, Law, and Justice: Issues in Legal Philosophy (280) International Political Economy (442)^


Advanced Game Theory in Economics (511)


Ethics and Economics (364) Social and Political Philosophy (470)
Authority, Freedom, and Rights: Advanced Political Philosophy (370) Commerce and Civilization
(HNRS 470)
FYS: Justice and Inequality (PLCY 71)‡ Problems of Modern Democratic Theory (472)
Justice in Public Policy (PLCY 340)‡

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics: Capstone Seminar (Phil, Poli, Econ 698)

The Capstone seminar addresses advanced issues at the intersection of philosophy, politics, and economics. It focuses on specific topics such as rights, taxation, globalization, etc.


Please note: course offerings are subject to change; the most up-to-date course information may be found in ConnectCarolina

Honors sections of any of the above course numbers likewise count towards the PPE minor.

Two of the five courses may also count as credit toward the major in each of the three participating departments, or, indeed, others, subject to the approval of the department granting that major.

The two core courses of the PPE Program (Gateway course and Capstone seminar) are sometimes co-convened with Duke University, with the class meeting half the semester at Duke and half the semester at UNC. Please keep this in mind when enrolling and allow for travel time. The Robertson Scholar Express Bus offers transportation, between Duke and UNC campuses for all UNC and Duke students. Students enrolled in a class at Duke are eligible for a free GoPass through UNC (though participating students must not simultaneously hold a parking permit). For details on obtaining the GoPass through the CAP (Commuter Alternative Program), please visit their website here

Please Note: POLI 216 counts toward the PPE minor if taken prior to fall 2017. PHIL 89.002 and PHIL 89.003 count toward the PPE minor in place of PHIL/POLI/ECON 384 if taken in fall 2017 (Tar Heel Tracker adjustment required).

‡Effective fall 2016, PLCY 71 and PLCY 340 may count toward the Philosophy core discipline of the PPE minor.
^Effective fall 2017, POLI 442 may count toward the Politics core discipline of the PPE minor.