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PPE in a Time of Pandemic

PPE in a Time of Pandemic is a series of panels featuring prominent experts in social and political thought grappling with the implications of living and thinking through these extraordinary times.

Our hope is that these moderated panels will provide an intellectual community in trying times, to supplement educational programming now that most universities have moved online, and to establish a prominent public forum for timely and informed philosophical conversations about life in the shadow of the coronavirus.

The PPE Program would like to thank Simone Gubler (University of Nevada, Reno) and Ryan Doody (University of San Diego) for organizing and facilitating this series. 

Clear Filters
Collective Action, Public Choice, and the Pandemic
Conspiracy Theories, Truth, and the Pandemic
Imagining and Writing a Pandemic
Vaccine Distribution and Justice
Gender, Labor, and the Pandemic
Labor, Exploitation, and the Future of Work
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