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PPE Fact Sheet

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Growing Fast

Established in 2005, Carolina’s PPE Program boasts an international reputation as a preeminent program in a growing field. With more than 400 declared minors in spring 2023, the program is one of the fastest growing minors at the university and is the largest PPE program in the United States.

Five Courses, Many Majors

The PPE minor attracts students from a broad range of majors, including biology, business, public policy, journalism, and music to philosophy, political science, and economics. The PPE minor requires the Gateway course, one course each in philosophy, politics and economics, and the Capstone seminar in their graduating senior year.

Events and Extracurriculars

Complementing the coursework is an unparalleled PPE extracurricular program that includes semester-long reading groups, conferences, workshops, intensive weekend seminars and an active speaker series – which are regularly open to people on campus and in the community.

The Job Market

The PPE minor makes you a triple threat. Thanks to its stress on the development of transferable skills and its mixture of qualitative analysis, the program prepares students well for a great variety of careers in both the private and public sectors (e.g., consulting, banking, law, public policy, non-profits, healthcare, business administration), as well as academia.
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