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Give to the PPE Program

Please consider making a gift to the Philosophy, Politics and Economics Program. Each year, our faculty and students make significant interdisciplinary contributions to the ever-growing discourse taking place at the intersection of Philosophy, Politics, & Economics. World-class scholars and intellectually curious students come together to address issues crucial to understanding the world in which we live.

Faculty members come from from a variety of departments and backgrounds, and are deeply committed to the quality of the program. Together they work hard to afford students extensive opportunities for close interaction with their peers and teachers. Outside of the classroom, a broad range of relevant, intellectually stimulating extracurricular activities offer opportunities to engage with ideas directly, encouraging the process of civil discourse, and opening the way to informed, engaged visions for the future.

Thanks to this program’s intensive, interdisciplinary focus, PPE students develop the skills they need to cross the borders of key academic disciplines, integrating the methods, tools, and insights of philosophy, politics, and economics.

If you would like more information about giving to the PPE Program, please contact Geoffrey Sayre-McCord, Director of the PPE Program, at; email the The Arts and Sciences Foundation, at, or via phone at (919) 962-0108.

Katie Ray Pratson
Associate Director of Development