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How Responsible Is Facebook?

NOVEMBER 4, 2021

Delaney Thull


Two areas of internet law are anti-trust legislation and data privacy. A third rapidly developing topic in internet law is about content moderation on social media: the advertisements, posts, articles, and comments you see, and the algorithms that control them. Are social media companies responsible for the impacts of the content on consumers? Is it permissible for algorithms to amplify the spread of harmful content? Where is the limit on profit-seeking behavior?

We’ll talk about emerging legal strategies for addressing content moderation isssues, including protections for minors, restrictions on behavioral advertising and on engagement-based algorithms, and impact reporting & research requirements. We’ll also introduce arguments against increasing regulation.
This salon will be held at Gourmet Kingdom, where dinner will be provided to participants. To request a seat in this salon, please fill out the form below.

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