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PPE in a Time of Pandemic

PPE in a Time of Pandemic is a series of panels featuring prominent experts in social and political thought grappling with the implications of living and thinking through these extraordinary times.

It is our hope that these moderated panels will provide a means to promote intellectual community in trying times, to supplement educational programming now that the university has moved online, and to establish a prominent public forum for timely and informed philosophical conversations about life in the shadow of the coronavirus.

Moral Dilemmas, Moral Risk, and Science in a Democratic Society

March 27, 2020

Philip Kitcher  (Columbia University) and Max Khan Hayward (University of Sheffield)

in conversation with Simone Gubler (UNC)

Games, Public Policy, and the Pandemic

April 3, 2020

C. Thi Nguyen  (Utah Valley University/University of Utah)

in conversation with Simone Gubler (UNC)

Research, expertise, and existential risk

April 10, 2020

Benjamin Hale (University Colorado, Boulder) and Adrian Currie (University of Exeter)

in conversation with  Ryan Doody (UNC)

Universal Basic Income

April 17, 2020

Karl Widerquist (Georgetown)

in conversation with Fabian Wendt (UNC)

Social Media, Social Epistemology, and the Pandemic

April 24, 2020

Regina Rini (York University)

in conversation withSimone Gubler (UNC)


June 19, 2020

Briana Toole (Claremont McKenna College) and William Paris (Northwestern University)

in conversation with Simone Gubler (UNC)


June 26, 2020

Elizabeth Barnes (University of Virginia), August Gorman (Princeton University), and Christopher Lunsford (Duke University)

in conversation with Simone Gubler (UNC)

immigration regulations

July 10, 2020

 Adam Hosein (Northeastern)

in conversation with Ryan Doody (UNC)