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Caldwell Hall Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3125 U.S.A.

Akau, Samuel Garang

Samuel Garang Akau

Samuel Garang Akau

Public Policy

Samuel Garang Akau is a PhD student in Public Policy (International Development). His research interests are (a) returns to schooling at secondary and tertiary levels, with a focus on Technical and Vocational Education Trainings (TVETs) in developing countries, (b) the role of Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) policies, such as cash transfers, in addressing global poverty and inequality gaps, and (c) the role of social entrepreneurs and enterprises in addressing pressing global challenges.

Prior to UNC at Chapel Hill, Samuel earned a B.A in English (Creative Writing) from Stanford and an MPP (Master of Public Policy) from American University. Also, Samuel Cofounded and led the Sawa Sawa Network—a multimedia initiative utilizing media, arts, and culture to build peace and community in South Sudan and its Diaspora.

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