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Over the summer, PPE-Affiliated Graduate Student Begum Iceliller (Political Science) attended Chapman University’s PPE Summer School.

Here’s what Iceliller had to say about the experience:

“The PPE Summer Workshop at Chapman University was a great opportunity for me to develop the PPE related ideas and frameworks in my research. The workshop included instruction on methods like game theory and agent-based modelling, as well as faculty presentations. The workshop draws graduate students who are working on a wide range of topics related to PPE, and meeting these folks was one of the highlights of the week. The workshop ended with a day of graduate student presentations, where I pitched my dissertation chapter on occupational segregation and democratic equality. I highly recommend this workshop to those interested in having an understanding of key PPE methods.”

Iceliller will present her work at the 2023 PPE Society Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA in November.

If you are interested in similar opportunities available to our PPE-Affiliated Graduate Students,  please reach out to us at

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