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UNC Community Conversations

November 9     |   9:30am-2pm   |   Location: Graham Memorial Common Room

Please let us know what you thought of our event.

We are so grateful for the amazing turnout and participation at this event.  Groups from across the political spectrum co-hosted this event..  One important aim of this conversation was to create a space where all voices, regardless of ideology or belief, are comfortable voicing their opinion as part of our diverse community here at Carolina. Lunch was provided by the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) Program at UNC-Chapel Hill.

The moderator for the event was Pearce Godwin, who is the Executive Director of the National Convo Project/National Conversation Week and Founder/CEO of the organization Listen First. He is also a board member with the Living Room Conversations– who is helping facilitate the event. Pearce is also a UNC Grad (go Heels!).

Remember:  Listen First!

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