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Reading Group Proposal Form

If you are interested in running a PPE Reading Group next term, please use this form to make a proposal. We intend to run four reading groups: two “PPE Classics” (eg: Democracy in America, The Wealth of NationsDiscourse on Inequality) and two contemporary books on PPE topics, at least one of which should incorporate perspectives from the social sciences.

The reading groups should meet for eight weeks over the course of the semester, ending early enough that they won’t conflict with the press of the end of the semester.  The PPE Program provides copies of the books to all participants, dinners at Gourmet Kingdom, and a modest honorarium for those who lead the group.

Please indicate in the “Comments” field the level of familiarity you have with your proposed text, why it is particularly suitable for a PPE Reading Group, and any other relevant information.

Information about the Reading Groups we have held in the past is available HERE.


Thank you for your interest!