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PPE Salon Proposal Form: Fall 2022

We are excited to announce that PPE will again be offering PPE Salons next semester! If you are interested in leading a PPE Salon this upcoming semester, please make your proposals by filling out our form below. Salon leaders receive a modest honorarium for hosting a meeting. Salons are accepted on a rolling basis as they are geared toward current events and ideas.

In thinking about what PPE Salon topic you might propose, keep in mind that your selection should be something that undergraduates will likely recognize as something they should understand better than they currently do.

The PPE Salon meets for one evening (1.5 – 2 hours), to discuss a topic and paired readings. Participants should receive any reading materials beforehand (i.e., articles, scholarly papers, etc.), along with questions for discussion.

You may submit more than one proposal throughout the semester. Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis, as the salons work best with immediately relevant topics of discussion with contextually appropriate readings. Please indicate in the “Comments” field the level of familiarity you have with your topic, the selected readings you’ve chosen to ground the topic, why it is particularly suitable for a PPE Salon, and any other relevant information.

Information about the PPE Salons we’ve held previously are available HERE.

Please reach out to us ( if you have any questions!

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