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The Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Program

Please be sure to look through the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Program website carefully so that you have a sense of the nature and scope of the program. We are primarily an undergraduate program which offers a minor in PPE and a LOT of extra-curricular activities. Yet we have an active and growing intellectual community of faculty and graduate students interested in PPE and we host and co-sponsor events that focus primarily on research as well as events that are focused on undergraduates. The PPE Program is among the fastest growing undergraduate programs at UNC and we hope that, with your help, that will continue.

The University, the Department, and the Parr Center for Ethics

A great deal of information about the University, the Philosophy Department, and the Parr Center for Ethics on line. Here are some useful links to: the academic and final exam schedules, a listing of the Philosophy Department’s events, to descriptions of philosophy undergraduate courses, to computer and information services support.

All PPE events, along with all Philosophy Department and Parr Center events are on a shared Google calendar HERE.

An important early step to joining the University is working with Human Resources to, among other things, secure an active PID (Personal ID). With that in hand, you can apply for your ONYEN (this is your login ID, a.k.a. the “Only Name You’ll Ever Need”), e-mail, and then access ConnectCarolina/your course rosters, etc.

Please pay special attention to the bold text below:

  • Set up your ONYEN (a.k.a., your login ID/Only Name You’ll Ever Need) here. Select “Create or Manage ONYEN”. You will need your PID number. Please e-mail your ONYEN to once you have created it.
  • Set up your UNC email account using the Self Service Tool here. You will need to log in with your ONYEN and password, and choose “e-mail sign up”.
    • Your email address defaults to However, many people choose to set up an email alias (e.g. To create an alias, login to the Self Service Tool with your ONYEN and password. Click the “My Aliases” button on the landing page, and then “Add Alias” to create your alias.
    • Please send us (via your cell phone number and your preferred UNC e-mail address.
    • Please also make sure your email address is displaying as you’d like it to in the official UNC Campus Directory via ConnectCarolina (information on how to do this is located herehere, and here). That is the University’s official record, and one of the ways people can search for your contact info.
    • UNC now requires some extra security measures for accessing your email account and ConnectCarolina (where your course info is housed). 2-Step Verification for Office 365, 2-Step Verification for aspects of ConnectCarolina (including the grade rosters you need to use at the end of the semester), and a specific VPN (Virtual Private Network) are all required.
      • Instructions on how to download the VPN are here.
      • Instructions on how to set up 2-Step Verification for Office 365 and 2-Step Verification using Duo for ConnectCarolina are here.
  • In order to access ConnectCarolina as an instructor, you must take the FERPA training quiz and pass with 100%. Please click here for instructions. Note that there will be about a 24 hour delay between the creation of your ONYEN and being able to log into the FERPA quiz. You may give it a try before then, but you may have to wait the full 24 hours.
    • Once you have passed the FERPA quiz and have your VPN downloaded and connected, please navigate to ConnectCarolina, click on “Log in to ConnectCarolina & Infoporte” (the large, green rectangular icon in the center of the page), and log in with your ONYEN and password. This first log in attempt will generate a user profile that is necessary for IT to complete the access to your course information.
    • Once logged in to ConnectCarolina, you must accept the “Terms of Use”. To do this, click the “Terms of Use Policy” icon under the navigation menu that is on the right side of the homepage (screenshot attached). Click the check box, then click the “confirm” button.
    • Please e-mail us (at when you have passed the FERPA training quiz and accepted the Terms of Use in ConnectCarolina. We will have an IT Help Ticket submitted on your behalf. This will ensure that you have access to your course info.  Rebecca Farris will let you know once your access is configured.
    • Once your ConnectCarolina access has been configured (this may take a few days), you may learn about your Faculty Center here.
  • Once you arrive on campus, you may
    • get your OneCard (which is also your library card) made at the One Card Office. The Office is located on the third floor of the Daniels Student Stores on South Road. Directions are located here.
    • configure your wifi access to Eduroam, which allows you easy wifi access not just at UNC but at many universities around the world. Instructions for joining Eduroam are located here.
  • Please make sure to update your local mailing/physical address in the UNC Campus Directory via ConnectCarolina (information on how to do this is located herehere, and here). That is the University’s official record, and we want to make sure it is up-to-date with your local address for HR/Payroll purposes!

Important Resources:

Syllabi Requirements — there are specific requirements for course syllabi. Please be sure to review them.
Department Events Listing
Department Documents
Staff Support
College of Arts and Sciences Travel Funding

Important platforms and software (please let us know if we can assist or direct you to tutorials for using these UNC features):

Office 365 — you have access to the full suite of Office 365 which you can use on-line or download along with 1 gig of storage on OneDrive, which makes keeping a backup easy and also allows access to your files from multiple devices.
Other available software
Two factor authentication (DUO) needed for VPN and for ConnectCarolina
IT Help Desk