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Graduating PPE Students

Dear PPE students,

Congratulations on completing the Capstone, and thus the PPE minor! We are excited to hear about your upcoming plans, along with any insights about how you hope the PPE Program—all you’ve learned and accomplished—will work for your long-term academic and professional goals.

If you are graduating this year, we ask that you fill out the form below, which requests a “durable” email address that we might use to contact you in the future.  (Your UNC email address eventually disappears.) Don’t worry, we will not subject you to a tidal wave of email or to spam. We are, however, hoping to build an alumni network of PPE students in the not-too-distant future, and will need a more or less permanent email address to do that. Also, having a bit of info about what you are planning to do post-graduation is helpful both in speaking to prospective students and for getting people excited about the PPE Program.

Thank you so much for being a crucial part of the PPE Program. You make us proud to serve you, and we’d love to hear from you now and in the future.

Best of luck,
The PPE Program Team