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A New Student Podcast: Pit Perspectives


Pit Perspectives

Pit Perspectives is a student-run podcast. We record your candid and anonymous opinions in The Pit, add commentary and supplementary materials, and create episodes on relevant social issues facing college students at UNC and across the country.

Pit Perspectives started with an observation- at a school as large as UNC, students tend to form small social groups. We go to class, eat meals, and spend time with the same friends every day, and this natural grouping can close doors to new perspectives that are traditionally associated with the transition to college.

Topic Selection

In their first year, they covered 9 topics; Greek Life, performative activism, the return to in-person classes, sex education and the orgasm gap, the glorification and exploitation of student-athletes, study drug use, affirmative action, and pit preaching.

They have three criteria for their topics:

  1. The topic is relevant to college-age people.

  2. The topic will produce a wide range of responses, ideally avoiding a simple “yes/no” dichotomy.

  3. The topic is easily accessible to the average UNC student.

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