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In Memoriam: Geoffrey Brennan (1944-2022)




The PPE Program is deeply saddened to learn that Geoffrey Brennan passed away on July 28, 2022.

Brennan served as co-founder and core faculty member of the PPE Programs at UNC Chapel Hill and Duke University for over 16 years and was a valuable member and early co-founder of the PPE Society.

A devoted scholar at the intersection of economics and philosophy, he trained early on as an economist with a focus on public finance. His interests turned toward the connections between public choice and the growing field of “behavioral economics” later in the ’90s,  which developed into scholarship at the intersection of philosophy of social science and ethics. He published several books in his lifetime (two of which he co-authored with Nobel Laureate James Buchanan) and won numerous awards and accolades throughout his career.

Geoff Brennan was a kind, generous person and a fabulous singer with a tremendously warm, authentic presence—his eyes always glinting with a sly sparkle. The impact he leaves behind is profound, and we are grateful for all he gave to the field and to those surrounding him.

Geoff is survived by his wife Margaret; children Susan, Michael, Robyn, and Philip; and his many grandchildren.  Geoff’s funeral was live streamed from All Saints Anglican Church.

Read more about Geoff Brennan’s life, work, and lasting impact HERE  and HERE.

Also, read this piece on Geoff Brennan, written by Alan Hamlin, recently published in Constitutional Political Economy. 

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