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Affiliated Graduate Student Application

Dear UNC Graduate Student,

UNC-Chapel Hill is home to one of the largest  Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) programs in the country and home to the PPE Society, an international association dedicated to PPE as both a scholarly and pedagogical enterprise.

In addition to our four Teaching Assistant Professors and tenured track faculty, we have a number of PPE Affiliated Faculty from across campus but housed in Public Policy, Political Science, and Economics.  In this same context, the PPE program at UNC is happy to announce that we are adding an additional resource for graduate students.  Each year, we are looking to constitute a small number of affiliated graduate students from across campus who share an interest in PPE.  Our aim is to provide various kinds of support; including funding to bring in speakers, arrange workshops, provide career resources, and, we hope, to provide other kinds of research support.

If you are a graduate student in good standing with your department who is interested in PPE or an area that converses well with these subjects, we invite you to apply to our new affiliation program. You can find more information about this program, the PPE program, and the application on the PPE Website.